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Our vision for 2025

In the year 2025, the Nico Hüsch GmbH has firmly established the term “real investment advice” in the German financial market. More than 10% of German citizens now demand a net to net calculation from their financial advisor.

People no longer want to see glossed over figures, but a real calculation of their returns after all costs, taxes, and inflation.

The financial market finally reacts and develops more and more customer-oriented retirement provision products which are easy to understand and bring a clear benefit for the customer.


Nico Hüsch

Dr. Annikki Schoolmann


The changes in the financial industry over the last 20 years have required a new form of customer advisory services. From my own, and unfortunately bad, experience, it is also important to me that every saver in Germany has access to optimal, transparent, and yield-oriented investment advice. With Nico Hüsch I have found the right financial advisor for this.

After studying law and completing her doctorate at the University of Hamburg, she worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and as a director at Deutsche Bank AG, among others.

As managing director of several investment companies of German insurance companies, she was responsible for the development, structuring, and financing of various wind funds.

For several years Dr. Schoolmann has been committed to the field of bioplastics and recycling management. As Managing Director of PreOne International GmbH she is now responsible for the structuring of an innovative cleaning and recycling concept for post-consumer waste on an industrial scale.


Nico Hüsch

Nico Hüsch

Managing Director

For me, real investment advice means that my clients are happy with their individual financial concept. I would like to be better than any insurance company, any bank, and any financial sales company. Furthermore, I want to accompany and support my customers in all financial questions over the next 50 years.

After graduating as an industrial engineer at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg in 2012, he continued his work as a management consultant, which he had already started parallel to his studies. The focus of his consulting activities was the financial optimization of various medium-sized production companies.

In 2015 he decided to devote the rest of his life to real people. To this end, he searched for the fastest-growing company on the financial market, analyzed its investment principles and selected those that best matched his personal convictions. Since then he has been optimizing the financial and investment concepts of private individuals. He soon realized that this was the kind of work he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

After years of preparation, Nico Hüsch fulfilled his great dream by founding the Nico Hüsch GmbH. Today, he can inform and advise every client completely independently about the best opportunities on the financial market.


Nico Hüsch

Arne Lauth


The intelligent use of money is more important than the level of income. There are too many outdated structures in the financial industry and too many people lose money because of them. That is why I am pleased that more people in our country are finally gaining access to genuine, transparent, and return-oriented investment advice. 

Arne has been a digital entrepreneur from the very beginning. Even before he studied communication design, his first company reached millions of people with self-produced content.

For more than 10 years, Arne has been working as a top expert for digitalization in Germany for clients from a wide range of industries. His focus is on the analysis, consulting, conception, and implementation of extraordinary digital solutions.

Most recently, as a partner in an established Hamburg marketing agency, he has been instrumental in helping his clients achieve business success.

As Marketing Manager of Nico Hüsch GmbH, he uses his knowledge today to establish something really big in Germany.

Nico Hüsch GmbH

Registration at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

Simply enter “Nico Hüsch GmbH” under “Company” and you will see that we are registered as financial investment broker and insurance broker.

This in turn means maximum independence.

Nico Hüsch

Kai Bunjes

Customer consultant

Tel. 040 228 523 311

Financial education enables us to ask the right questions about our money. We must start to take responsibility for our actions and stop blindly following the marketing machinery of the insurance and banking industry. Only then will we get an idea of what financial freedom really means and that is what I live for.

Kai Bunjes has been realizing his vision in private client consulting since 2015. He acquired the foundation stone for his sound expertise at a large Hamburg brokerage firm. In recent years, he has been able to deepen his training and further education there regarding asset structuring and financial planning and now wants to go his own way. At Nico Hüsch GmbH he can finally fulfill his own demands when it comes to optimal customer service.

His passion for the financial markets and the conviction that honesty always pays off has led him to take this step.

As an expert for retirement and deposit investments, he puts every contract in Germany on the “Does-This-Pay-Off-And-If-Yes-For-Whom?” Test.


Nico Hüsch

Kevin Hamburger

Customer consultant

Tel. 040 228 523 313

My biggest motivation is to annoy the big players in the German financial industry with all their inflexibility, customer-unfriendly products, and outdated, out-of-date sales methods. And this every single day anew. Until the time when people are once again in the focus of consulting comes. Not only with us, but in the entire industry. That takes time, no question, but which revolution has happened overnight?

After successfully completing his studies in fitness economics in 2012, Kevin dared to make the leap from the tranquil Wernigerode in the Harz Mountains to the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg. So, he could follow his passion and find his way into the financial industry. Starting in the up-and-coming financial sales sector, he has worked his way deep into the subject of financial consulting in Germany and has not lost his enthusiasm for the subject to this day.

Transparency and authenticity still distinguish him today. The next logical step followed at the beginning of 2020. As a customer advisor at Nico Hüsch GmbH, he is now able to provide advice as close to the customer as it has always been his goal.


“The changes in the financial industry over the last 20 years have required a new form of customer advisory services.”

Dr. Annikki Schoolmann

Nico Hüsch

Benjamin Daniel Wanjura

Customer consultant

Tel. 040 228 523 314

Retirement planning does not have to be complicated. At least not for you. With the right expertise, it usually only takes one or two meetings to set you up in the best possible way for your old age. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

After completing his dual studies in industrial engineering, Benjamin found his way into the financial industry in mid-2018. His first steps were taken in an investment consulting firm, where he supported the company’s management with a focus on customer consulting, strategy, and process management.

In order to work closer to the customer, Benjamin will use his experience to work on the optimal solution for your retirement provision at Nico Hüsch GmbH. Together with you, we will close the gap left by large insurance companies and the statutory pension scheme and ensure that you can maintain your standard of living even after your career has ended.

Nico Hüsch

Guido Feldkamp


The conservative handling of money is outdated in my eyes. There must be (more) people who educate others and find new ways to provide personalized investment advice to everyone. Being part of this “movement” motivates me anew every day.

Guido is working in a completely different industry. He started his professional career by training as an architectural draftsman. However, as this did not correspond to his expectations, he changed the industry. So, he completed a further education as technical product designer for machine and plant construction. After studying mechanical engineering following his apprenticeship, he is now working in the fields of project planning, design, and FEM calculation.

Due to his dissatisfaction with his own financial products portfolio, the contact to Nico was established. The conversations with Nico were always on the same wavelength and there was a mutual interest in working together in some way.

To build up further know-how and to provide the company Nico Hüsch GmbH with added value, the decision was made to employ Guido in the research department. He is therefore responsible for researching important financial topics, writing texts, and helping to design and improve the website.

“The intelligent use of money is more important than the level of income.”

Arne Lauth

Nico Hüsch

Thomas Hüsch

Customer consultant insurance

Providing proper advice to individuals and businesses on all insurance matters has been my passion for decades. Even though I have always been an insurance agent for only one company, I have always tried to get the best out of it for my clients. In the meantime, through my son Nico Hüsch, I have come to realize the huge improvements that are possible for my advice when I act as an independent insurance broker. Today I am very happy to be able to put together the best offers for the customers of Nico Hüsch GmbH from the entire market.

After his apprenticeship as an insurance salesman in 1995, Thomas Hüsch worked as an insurance agent for Concordia. After long stations at VGH and LVM Versicherung, he has now found his way out of the so-called “exclusivity” and today advises the customers of Nico Hüsch GmbH in all insurance matters as an independent broker. Both private individuals and commercial customers are served by Mr. Hüsch throughout Germany.

Mr. Thomas Hüsch combines modern impulses from the industry with the boldness of an “old hand” in Germany’s insurance market.

Nico Hüsch

Jannik Wanjura


Having grown up in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Jannik moved to Bochum after his Abitur, a stay abroad in London and a commercial internship as part of his International Business Management studies. In the heart of the state with the largest gross domestic product in the Federal Republic of Germany, Jannik developed a passion for business and finance. As his brother Benjamin Wanjura was aware of Jannik’s skills and passion, he decided to recruit him for Nico Hüsch GmbH.

Since October, Jannik has been working for Nico Hüsch GmbH and is responsible for documentation and translations, thus keeping his colleagues free so that they can devote all their time to the customers.

Nico Hüsch



We could win an important employee for our cause on 01.07.2020. He/she has been working in a family office for the last few years and will support us in our research from now on.

Currently, he/she is on the road with a hidden camera to uncover the worst lies and false advice of the structural sales organizations, banks, and insurance salesmen, which our customers have told us about.

If you make your money advising people in the financial sector and do a shitty job, you too may be included in our comprehensive awareness campaign.



Nico Hüsch

Marcel Helmcke

Data Protection Officer

Tel. 040 88 21 581 – 31

Coming from the insurance industry, I know how important trust is for a successful business relationship. Data protection protects your personal data and thus your trust.

Together with my team, I advise and support companies on the subject of data protection, including working as an external data protection officer or expert. In addition to my extensive practical experience, I can draw on two master’s degrees in law and IT and various national and international certifications.

In my role as data protection officer at Nico Hüsch, it is particularly important to me to implement data protection in a practical and sensible way and to be there for you as a customer at any time if you have any questions about the protection of your personal data.

You can reach him at or by telephone at 040 88 21 581 – 31

Nico Hüsch

We are looking for

Investment Advisor (f/d/m)

Top-Investment advisors (worldwide)

Your task:

You will provide lifelong advice to our discerning clients on all aspects of wealth accumulation:

– Fund investments (active & passive, sustainable & conventional)

– Commodities, real estate, alternative investments, etc.

What we offer:

We really enjoy our work. Everybody takes as much vacation as they want, earns well (high fixed salary + bonuses), works when and where they want and that 100% digital. No acquisition of new customers necessary.

Your profile:

– You are a top professional and enjoy continuous further education & you have values that fit our vision.

– You have at least 10 years of professional experience as an independent investment consultant after your studies.

– In all key figures, you belong to the top 3% of your peer group.

– You have never sold your soul and worked in a non-independent financial sales company.

Application procedure:

You write an email to with some information about yourself. If you convince Nico Hüsch in a trial appointment, you have the job and are an equal member of our team.

Nico Hüsch GmbH

Registration at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

Simply enter “Nico Hüsch GmbH” under “Company” and you will see that we are registered as financial investment broker and insurance broker.

This in turn means maximum independence.

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