Benefit from the independent advice of our investment experts!

If you live permanently in Germany but do not speak perfect German, you are probably familiar with the following problem:

For most banks, insurance companies and financial service providers, consulting in English, Spanish and French is a problem.

We do not think language should be a limiting factor – with us you can get a complete consultation in your native language.

We help you understand the complicated market mechanisms and possibilities for your optimal asset accumulation in Germany. We also provide you with all the documents you need in your language of choice.

US citizens are in a particularly unique situation, as many banks are unwilling to work with them. The reason for this is the FATCA double taxation agreement between the USA and Germany. But do not worry! We would be very happy to welcome you as a customer, and are happy to help you navigate the German financial system.

100% recommended. 100% independent. Convenient online advice. Free initial consultation.

Only the best offer on the market is good enough for your financial future!

There are many names for our job:

Independent Financial Advisor, Independent Insurance Broker with a focus on retirement planning, Private Pension Advisor, Independent Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor, Investment Advisor, Financial Broker, Insurance Advisor, Retirement Planning Expert, etc.!

Officially we are independent brokers for insurance and finance. In addition, we have specialized for years in retirement provisions in Germany.

What we do for you: 100% independent financial advice –especially in the current financial crisis.

Our task is to find the best investment products on the German market for you. All providers and all tariffs are checked for you. You will always receive a before-and-after comparison and thus directly see the improvements you can achieve!

In most cases a savings deposit with “insurance cover” is the right choice, but this always depends on the situation, experience and attitude of the customer!

“We don’t bite, I promise – feel free to call and ask your questions, or make an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!” (Nico Hüsch)

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How does a consultation normally work?


  1. You contact us, and we talk on the phone for 10 minutes to discuss your request. If we can improve your contracts and have the right offer for you, we will arrange a consultation appointment. This appointment is online, without obligation and completely free of charge for you.
  2. In the approx. 1.5-hour online consultation appointment you will learn everything about the possible improvements for your investment. For us, a REAL INVESTMENT CONSULTANCY means that we do not present you with glossed over figures, but also calculate all costs, your expected tax payments and the bad inflation. We inform you completely transparently about your possibilities so that you can make the right decision.
  3. We do not only want to convince you of our offer, but also of ourselves. Because our goal is to accompany you and your finances into old age. You should finally have the feeling that you have found the right advisor for you. Only when you are completely convinced will we welcome you as a new client of Nico Hüsch GmbH.
  4. As our customer you will then profit permanently from the advantages of the most customer-oriented financial consulting company on the market. You get access to your financial documents via our app, where you can view an overview of your assets at any time. We are also happy to check your insurance policies for you to find potential for improvement. At least once a year, we take the time to look for potential savings for you.
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What results can I expect from Nico Hüsch GmbH?


  • Average reduction in insurance costs of roughly 30%, with better service conditions than before.
  • Average increase in return on investment of roughly 300% – to about 4%-10% per year after all costs, taxes and inflation.
  • The most pleasant service you have ever experienced. Comfortably from home. 100% transparent. No sales tricks. I only recommend products that I would personally use in your situation.
  • A financial partner for life – our customers are the foundation of our success.
  • Financial advisors you can trust, and the ability to build a prosperous, secure financial future for you and your family!

customer feedback


  • Nico's persistence, passion, and problem-solving abilities have been instrumental in helping me establish a strong financial base here in Europe

    As an American expat living in Germany, my financial situation presents a unique set of complexities. Nico’s persistence, passion, and problem-solving abilities have been instrumental in helping me establish a strong financial base here in Europe, and I think Nico is uniquely qualified to help foreign clients with everything from retirement planning, to insurances, to investment.

    Nico's persistence, passion, and problem-solving abilities have been instrumental in helping me establish a strong financial base here in Europe
    Jacob Levine Perten
    30 Jahre

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Real investment advice means that our customers are happy with your individual financial concept. We want to be better than every insurance company, every bank and every financial distributor. By this we want to be measured!

Nico Hüsch

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